The Evolution of an Obsession

Details, Details, Details!  It’s all in the details.  I don’t know how or when it started but I have developed an obsession for planning parties.  I am constantly thinking of ideas for my next party and would love to throw a party for every holiday and occasion if only money grew on trees. 

Now that I’m reflecting I do remember when this obsession started.  My little Madison was turning one (she is almost 5 now) and I wanted to plan a party fit for a princess.  She didn’t have any little friends back then and since she was my first it was mainly an adult affair.  I remember having no idea how to throw a party.  We lived in a small condo at the time and there was no way we could fit a party in there.  My husband’s aunt offered her gorgeous home for the event and I was beyond thrilled.  She had just moved in and her furniture hadn’t been delivered yet so she had an empty dining and living room.  I envisioned round tables with pink tablecloths and white chairs.  I was able to set those up in the empty rooms for the guests to sit down for lunch.  I had no idea what to do for food.  I came across an article in Parents Magazine that had a great table layout for appetizers.  It was a cool design with white platters full of yummy nibbles.  I was determined to recreate that table.  I spent countless hours going store to store on the hunt for the perfect platters.  I hit up Kohl’s, Bed Bath and Beyond and Home Goods to name a few.  I remember carrying that article around for weeks.  It was so tattered by the time the party rolled around.  I was trying to be so specific and wanted to find the exact shape and size dish that was in the picture.  I don’t even remember the food at all.  It was all about the design of that table.  The way the white plates looked grouped together.  I remember trying to space them out and set them up exactly like that picture.  I guess I’m a little obsessive compulsive.  Whatever it is, the party turned out nice.  Nowhere near the parties I do now so I won’t even post pictures but that is how the obsession began…with a little one year old princess and white party platters. 

I do love that collection of platters, plates and bowls and still use them at nearly every party I throw.  My collection has expanded and now I’m a little obsessed with buying cake plates and cupcake towers too.  I’ve evolved in how I set the table and wanted to start this blog to document some of the parties I have planned for my three princesses, Madison (almost 5), Morgan (just turned 3) and Molly (almost 1).  I hope to also feature some fabulous inspiration as I have been inspired by so many party bloggers.  Check out my favorites in the side bar.  A huge thank you to them for feuling my passion for parties and all things creative.

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