Snowflake Holiday Party on a Budget

Another budget friendly party…this time for the Holiday Season.  Like the Halloween Party I posted about, this one was for the Newcomers and Neighbors Club I am in.  There is really little to no money to put toward these events and the bulk of the money goes toward the entertainers or activities the kids are doing.  I wanted to try to dress up the party a little bit so it looked festive but also couldn’t spend much money on food/drinks and decor. 

I went with a red and light blue color scheme  for this event.  It was held in mid December so a snowflake theme seemed fitting.  I had these snowflake photo holders at home so brought them along to hold some of the signs.

A table was set up for the food and drinks.  We served Winter Oreos (they have red filling instead of the traditional white) and Water.  We also had powdered donut holes which we named “snowballs” and candy canes.  I brought in a box of ornaments from home which I kept in the package they came in and dressed it up with a ribbon. They added some height to the “snowball” dishes. 

The Winter Oreos were placed on a cupcake stand that I trimmed with ribbon and bows.  The cookies were placed inside the cutest little cupcake wrappers found at Michaels.  They were red and white polka dot and blue and white polka dot which coordianted perfectly.

I created matching labels for the water bottles.  These labels are just printed on regular paper and taped around the water bottle.  We used the cheapest water we could find and removed the labels replacing them with these.  The labels cannot be placed in coolers of ice or the ink will run, I just refrigerated the labeled bottles prior ato the party so they would be a little cold.

I placed the Candy Canes in a glass vase that I trimmed with ribbon and a little party circle.

The “snowballs” are white powdered Munchkins from Dunkin Donuts! YUM! 

I had signs at the tables with directions for each of the crafts.  We ordered holiday frames and winter sticker scenes from Oriental Trading for the kids to create.   

After the craft and snack the kids enjoyed a holiday concert by children’s entertainer Zev Haber.  He was very fun and entertaining and did a fantastic job keeping the attention of the children.

Hopefully you’ll see some ideas in here that you can use to host your own kids holiday party.  Remember: Cheap doesn’t equal UNSTYLISH!  It doesn’t necessarily need to cost a ton to host a stylish little get together. 

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