Molly’s Christening Party

We had our little Molly christened when she was 7 months old…a little later than I would have liked, but it seems a lot harder to get around to doing things when you have three kiddos.  She was Christened on February 6, 2011 at Resurrection Church in Rye, NY.  Both of my other daughters were Christened there as well and they were Christened in the gown I wore at my own Christening.  Since I waited so long to baptize Molly, the gown no longer fit so she got her very own gown.  Her Godparents are our very good friends, John and Jennifer Degl.  I planned a very small celebration at our house after the Christening.  The only guests were the Godparents, Grandparents and Uncle Jeff.  I still wanted it to be a nice party so I created some printables and a dessert table.  I chose the colors pink, white and silver and included crosses to go with the Christening theme.  The event was actually on Super Bowl Sunday so I chose a menu that would go with watching some football. 

Molly’s NEW Christening Gown hung on the wall in the party room until we got her dressed. Her grandmother, Patty, bought it for her.

After we dressed Molly in her gown I hung my gown that I wore and my other two daughters wore when we were baptized in its place so it could, at the very least, make an appearance that day.  My Godmother had it handmade 34 years ago.

The party food was set up on the kitchen island and on the dining table which I pushed against the wall. The menu included Penne Alla Vodka, Cosi Signature Salad, Jalapeno Poppers, Mozzarella Sticks, Prosciutto and Mozzarella, Buffalo Wings, Grandma’s Pizza, and a 4 foot Italian Combo Hero. 

I love my apothecary jars!  I always try to fill them with something to match the party colors.  This time it was Hershey’s Kisses, Yogurt Covered Pretzels and White Cheddar Popcorn.

The dessert table included kid-friendly treats and sweets for the adults too.  I tried to keep everything in the pink and white theme.

I created a banner on the front of the table using scrapbook paper that I cut into cross shapes. 

The cake was from my beloved Cornerstone Caterers…love their cakes!

Kids love fruit, but it is even better on a stick!  These were a huge hit!  I slid grapes onto wooden skewers and topped it off with a strawberry.

I found Pops Cereal snacks in my grocery store.  The pink is strawberry flavored and the white is vanilla.  These were a hit with the kids too!

These are actually Brazillian Brigadeiros.  Find the recipe here.  I made the pink ones by adding Strawberry Flavored Nestle Quik.  The white ones were made by leaving out the Nestle Quik called for in the recipe.  I rolled them in sugar so they would sparkle.  These were gone in 10 seconds flat.

I found these cheesecake bites in the freezer section at Target.  Talk about delicious!

I created the water bottle labels to add to the decor.

These were Hershey’s Chocolate Bars which I wrapped in coordinating paper and added a party circle so it would match the table display.

I even found Pink Champagne…how perfect!

I got custom Cookie favors from Totally Scrumptious Cookies on Etsy. 

I even staged the utensils and napkins.

I found these hanging daisies at Party City in the Wedding Section.  The colors were perfect, but I added party circles to the center to tie in the Christening theme.

The banner I created read “God Bless Molly”.

And here is our little sweetie with mommy and daddy.

And here she is with her wonderful Godparents!

She did so well at the actual Christening.  She didn’t make a peep.

God Bless Baby Molly.  We love you sweet angel!


7 thoughts on “Molly’s Christening Party

  1. Wow, Shannon, what a beautiful party! How did you create the party circles? They were all so perfect. Your girls are so pretty. Thank you for sharing!

    • Hi Brandie! Thanks so much for your comment. I actually made the party circles in Word. I’m looking to get a better program soon, but Word works for now.

      • Hello! I absolutely love your Christening theme! I am planning my daughter’s baptism party (2 weeks from now!), and I was thinking about doing the same color scheme! I had a few detailed questions for you. I couldn’t find an email address on your blog. Would you mind emailing me? Thanks! Lindsay

  2. Hello Shannon, Your Daughters Christening day looks beautiful. I would also like to create the banners and labels you have made. My Daughters big day is in a weeks time. Could you give me more information on how you created them on ms word. I’m not very good on the computer but will be asking my sister to help create them. did you use card/ paper? and what font and how did you get the background?
    My email is
    Many Thanks Jane x

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