A PEEPS Party (for Easter)

I’ve always loved celebrating Easter with Easter Egg hunts.  As a Kindergarten Teacher in a Catholic School, the Easter Egg Hunt I planned for my students was my all time favorite activity.  When I moved to NY and began teaching in a public school, I was very sad that this practice was frowned upon.  I really think those kiddos are missing out (Catholic or not) on a beloved Springtime event.  To satisfy my Egg Hunt urge, I would plan an egg hunt for 5 of our little cousins that live on Long Island.  We celebrated Easter with them three years in a row and they loved the Egg Hunts.  Once I had my own children and those 5 cousins got older and busier I started planning small egg hunts for my kids and their younger cousins.  I’ve always longed to throw a larger Easter Party and Egg Hunt and this year was the year!  The idea began with a playdate with friends and turned into a festive soiree.  I chose a PEEPS theme for the party since I love those little marshmallow delights. I was inspired by these Ideas for a Peeps Party I found on Celebrations at Home blog.

I made iron-on transfers to match the theme for my girls to wear to the party.   I found free printables here.

I love this play on words…PEEPS = FRIENDS :-). 

I created these signs for the patio doors.

The party took place outside.   It was a beautiful spring afternoon.  A little chilly but not too bad.  I set the main table up on our deck.  I wish there wasn’t a shadow when I took the pictures. The party was after lunch so I served some sweet treats and light snacks to go with the Easter theme.  Food included Peeps (of course), cupcakes, cookies, Annie’s Cheddar bunnies and baby carrots.

I made regular cupcakes and topped them with PEEPS.

Another cupcake tower was used to display the leftover PEEPS.  I bought way too many packages of these.

 My friend Kristina made these yummy Easter Egg cookies for the party. 

I found free water bottle labels here .  I had no time to create my own for this party. 

I kind of threw together this PEEPS Garden Centerpiece.  I put the peeps on lollipop sticks and stuck them into styrofoam inside the basket.

I served Pink Champagne for the mommies and it was yummy with the Peeps garnish. 

Pink Lemonade for the kiddos with a floating Peep just for fun. 

I created the banner for the front of the table using scrapbook paper and ribbon. 

In addition to the egg hunt, the kids dyed Easter Eggs.  

I also created Coloring Sheets for the kids to color.

The main event was the Egg Hunt and the kids had a blast!  Each guest brought 12 eggs filled with surprises and the mommies hid them around the yard.  I told each guest to find 12 eggs and then they could open them.  What fun!

Since I had so many peeps leftover, each guest went home with a little Peeps treat.  This was super easy to make and super last minute.  I used ziplock bags I already had on hand and these toppers I found for free here… 

This was such a fun day and I loved celebrating my favorite season with friends and making it special for my girls.


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