A Nightmare Before Christmas Party

I threw this party for my nephew when he was turning 4.  When he told me he wanted a Nightmare Before Christmas party, I was stumped.  I had never seen a party with this theme on any of the blogs I read and I had never seen the movie, so I had no clue how I was going to pull it off.  But I wanted to make him happy so I set off to research A Nightmare Before Christmas.  I chose the main character, Jack Skellington as the focal point and the colors black, white and orange.  Now, this party was in May…springtime…so not much out there that time of year to do with skeltons and pumpkins.  Come to think of it, this would make a great theme for a Halloween Party as well.  I found a few things on ebay and created most of the party decorations myself.  Here is how it all turned out.

The invitation.

The sign welcoming guests to the party. 

I put some decorations in the plant next to the door.

The main attraction…the dessert table.  All of the treats were either black, white or orange to match the theme.

The dessert table included…


Clementines, Orange Twizzlers, and Mini Oreos

Apricots, mini-marshmallows and black M&Ms

Airheads (because skeletons have nothing but air up there) wrapped to match the decor.

I made cones to hold popcorn.  The kids loved these, when they were empty the would re-fill them with other treats from the table.

And last but not least an ice cream cake from Carvel (nephew’s request) that my husband decorated to look like Jack Skellington.  I think he did a great job!  Thanks babe!

Hanging above the dessert table were three white paper party lanterns from Party City that I decorated with black scrapbook paper and double sided tape to look like Jack Skellington’s head.

Favors for the guests were black and white cookies…from the Italian bakery in town.

Digging in…

Drinks were black and orange too…rootbeer and orange cream soda.  I also had orange mango fruit juice for the kids.

The table centerpieces…

I won an 8 pack Nightmare Before Christmas party set on Ebay.  These were perfect for the kid’s table.

The adult table place settings…

Everything gets decorated…even the utensils.

Blowing out his candles.

The birthday boy on his special day.  I hope you had a wonderful 4th birthday, Julian.


Aunt Shannon

19 thoughts on “A Nightmare Before Christmas Party

  1. I am doing this theme for my daughter I was wondering how you made the little circles on the Lollie pops or utensil holders?

  2. My daughter asked for this theme for a July party – so this is such a great find for me! I had some of the same ideas, but started to get stumped. This will be so helpful. What is the font you used? It looks like Fontana, but with some outlining…? I wasn’t able to duplicate it, but it looks so cool!

  3. Where did you get the labels for everything? or what type of paper and glue did you use to make them? I tried making some labels for my son’s party last year and they all peeled off the cookie bags.

  4. Where did you find the plates and everything with the actual characters on them? I’m having my birthday part be a Nightmare Before Christmas party too but I can’t find anything.

  5. My son is turning 7 and he has asked me for a party like this for the last 3 years. I love how you decorated I am going to use some of your ideas and was able to find some of the glasses at good will. I just would like to know how you made all of the labels for everything. I was also curious where you got the pictures of jack for the banner and door hanger. If you could let me know that would be amazing. thank you

    • Thanks for your comments. I found all of the images in google images and designed the labels in a MS Document using the images. Sadly I no longer have the file as it was a few years ago and I’ve had to replace that computer and lost most of my documents.

  6. I am sorry for all of the questions…. I am kind of new to this whole do it yourself thing. this is the first time my son has asked for a theme that I have not been able to buy the items in a store. I am enjoying this and I know I will love the end result since it was all on me, but I was wondering how you made the sign. I have tried a few different way and i can not seem to get it to work.
    Thanks for all of your help

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