Princess Tea Party

After this post, I will finally be up to date with posting all of my children’s parties up to this point…Phew!  I hope to start blogging more about party planning as I embark on planning the next birthday party which will be Morgan’s 4th birthday in March.  The theme yet to be determined, but she talked about wanting a Care Bear party, so we’ll see.

In June, I threw Madison a 5th birthday party.  What a milestone…I can’t believe my baby is 5!  The theme she chose this year was a Princess Tea Party.  I was very excited to find out her preschool teacher had a small Princess Tea Party business.  I booked the date with her and the planning began.

First, I had Madison’s silhouette made by Vana at Le Papier Studio.  I took a profile shot of Madison and sent it to Vana who came up with a beautiful princess silhouette.  I bought the jpeg from her so I could use it throughout all the party decor.

Madison decided she wanted the colors pink and light blue as party colors.  I love how it all turned out.  Here are the details.

The invitation featured her princess silhouette, very simple and sweet.

I made a sign with balloons in the front yard to welcome the party guests.  Here is the birthday girl waiting for her friends to arrive.

A framed welcome sign hung on the front door.

The banner I created hung above the dessert buffet.

I love placing the dessert buffet in the corner of the room.  It works well for the birthday girl to stand behind when blowing out the candles.

The dessert buffet included…

wand lollipops

strawberry rice krispie treats (I cheated and bought pre-packaged ones)

cupcakes from Crumbs Bakeshop topped with the cupcake toppers I made

silhouette cookies made by my good friend Brenda…I purchased edible paper decals from The Frosting Gallery on Etsy.  Brenda placed them on top of the cookies.

Crown cookies from Totally Scrumptious Cookies on Etsy.

pink macarons

strawberry milk placed in these vintage looking milk bottles

(I searched high and low for vintage bottles at thrift stores and Ebay, but was unsuccessful.  The week before the party I came across this post on Celebrations at Home blog that suggested using Starbucks Frappucino bottles.  It was exactly what I was looking for and I drank 16 of these babies in one week.  Crazy, I know!)  

In the center of the table was the sweet and simple cake from Cornerstone Caterers with a custom-made cake topper made by Sweetie Pie Cake Topper on Etsy.

I decorated a wire dress-form I found at Homegoods with a my girls’ princess skirt from their dress up box and my pearl necklace.

On the kitchen island I set up adult food for the parents who stuck around.

The menu consisted of tea sandwiches, mini Quiche, scones and macarons to go with the theme.

Favors were in my apothecary jars.  I had bracelets with a princess charm made for the girls and they each went home with a crown cookie and wand lollipop.

I hired Madison’s preschool teacher for the entertainment since she has a Princess Tea Party business.  She came with all the table decor, real tea cups and plates, food, drinks, games, prizes and princess dresses.  She did an amazing job!

Here is Madison choosing her princess dress.  She chose Ariel just like the doll she’s holding.

Madison and her friends all dressed up!

After dressing up, the girls had their make-up and nails done. 


After getting made up, the girls sat down for the tea party.  They had tea sandwiches and “lemonade” tea.

After lunch they participated in a few games…Hot Potato, Freeze Dance and Limbo!

They also made a craft…decorating a mirror.

Just before leaving, we sang Happy Birthday and the kids enjoyed cake and treats from the dessert buffet.

I was so glad to get a picture of the group.  It was such a cute party and Madison had a blast!

Happy 5th Birthday, Princess Madison!  I hope you enjoyed your princess par-TEA!



8 thoughts on “Princess Tea Party

  1. Mu daughter is having a princess party and I am trying to find small resin chairs. Where did you get those chairs??? Thanks! Beautiful party!

  2. Hello! I LOVE all of your party designs! I am trying desperately to create decorations for my daughter’s baptism party this weekend. I’m so inspired by your Christening party decorations. How did you create all of the food tent labels? Where did you find the polka dot background? I’d love to have some pointers if you read this soon!

    I would have emailed you directly, but couldn’t seem to find an email address for you on your blog!


    • Lindsay, I emailed you as soon as I got this, but I am guessing you didn’t get it in time. I hope your party went well. I will add a contact me address to my blog. Thanks for the input.

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