Valentine’s Day Breakfast

Happy New Year everyone!  2014 is upon us.  Our next special holiday is Valentine’s Day which will be here before we know it!  

Ever since my kids were very little, I’ve always made Valentine’s Day special for them.  I usually make them a special Valentine themed breakfast and include a little gift from the “Lovebug.”  Each Valentine’s Day, the “Lovebug” pays a visit to reward the girls for acting in loving ways throughout the year.  The girls really look forward to Valentine’s Day.  Last year, I cut pancakes into heart shapes using a tiny heart cookie cutter.  I sprinkled them with some powdered sugar.  I also trimmed the tops of strawberries to look like hearts and placed those on a skewer and served it along side the heart pancakes.  I served pink yogurt in a pretty glass and of course a cold glass of pink milk finished off this special breakfast.  The “Lovebug” left the girls a fun gift bag with inexpensive treats inside.  How do you make your Valentine’s Day special? I’d love some extra special ideas to implement this year.


IMG_1587 IMG_1582 IMG_1584 IMG_1583 IMG_1581

I hope you enjoyed your special Valentine’s Day girls.  Mommy loves you!


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