A Teddy Bear’s Picnic


I can’t believe my Morgan is 6!  Where does the time go?  She is super into stuffed animals right now and plays with them a lot.  Any time I take her to the toy store, she usually chooses a new stuffed friend.  She just loves them.

So for her 6th birthday, I suggested a Teddy Bear’s Picnic theme and told her we’d stuff teddy  bears as the craft and party favor.  She immediately agreed and got really excited and told me not to tell her anymore because she wanted to be surprised for her birthday- she’s also into surprises and really wanted a surprise party- do 6 year olds have surprise parties?

Anyway, off to planning I went and decided on a pink, khaki, and brown color scheme for her party.  The theme was Teddy Bear’s Picnic, but it was too cold to hold it outside in March so I decided to host the picnic inside in my dining area.  Normally, I’d move all of our furniture out and rent kid tables for the kids to sit in, but we recently got a new dining room table which seats 10 so I decided to just use that- at 6 years old the kids are more than able to sit at a regular table with regular chairs anyway.

The paper invitations set the mood for the party and got the little guests intrigued about the theme.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 2.51.33 AM

I’m just going to walk you through each step of the party beginning with set up.  This is our dining room all decorated and waiting for the guests to arrive.  Besides stuffed animals- Morgan LOVES balloons- this was a simple and easy party decoration that made a big statement.  I ordered about 30 pink, white and gold balloons and just let them go on the ceiling of the dining room above the table.  I cut the ribbon short enough so they wouldn’t hang in the girls’ faces and used scissors to curl the ribbon.  Simple!


Here is a view from the living room.  The guests sat at the dining table- I have a long bench which sat 4 girls and 4 dining chairs plus 4 folding chairs.  I kept the table decor simple with fresh flowers as the centerpiece.


I also set up a drink station with mini water bottles and Orange Juice in a beehive beverage dispenser.


Each place setting had a pink gingham placemat with a teddy bear drinking cup filled with Organic Chocolate Milk.  Beside that was a tiny honey jar (bears like honey right?) filled with maple syrup.  I served French Toast sticks for lunch so the girls could dip into the maple syrup if they wanted.  (Breakfast for lunch?…Yes, please!)  How cute are the wooden forks jazzed up with pink polka dot washi tape?  LOVE!


I heated the french toast sticks just before the guests arrived and tossed them into these cute picnic boxes alongside fresh strawberries and Teddy Grahams.  I decided to do lunch in the beginning of the party so the boxes were waiting for the girls when they arrived.


You know the famous Teddy Bear Picnic song? “If you go into the woods today, you’d better go in disguise”…I had teddy bear headbands for the girls’ “disguises” rather than party hats.


As the guests arrived they were greeted at the door with this sign I made from cardboard strips taped to a piece of wood.


I always have a sign on the front door too.  I like how it sets the mood for the party from the outside in.


We have a new built in corner unit that I staged with party decor galore.  I cleared it out of its usual decorations and added pink and white tissue poms, paper lanterns, and teddy bears, of course.  In front of the TV, I placed the backdrop which I cut to fit the space nice and tight.  The backdrop is just two pieces of craft board taped together and covered with linen fabric.  I used tacks to hang the Happy Birthday banner.


The birthday girl opted for cupcakes rather than a cake so I made a batch of those and decorated with chocolate icing and pink pearl sugar crystals.  I added the cupcake toppers to match.


Inside the picnic baskets on either side of the cupcake tower are the wonderfully delicious and adorable teddy bear cookies made by Carrie Budke of Angelcakes.  She never disappoints!


I didn’t hire any entertainment for this party.  I planned a craft, and two games, lunch and cupcakes.  An hour and a half was the perfect amount of time.  The craft was the main activity.  The girls were stuffing their own bears to eat lunch with at the picnic.  Then they decorated tee shirts for the bears and printed birth certificates. I did hire a couple of teenage girls to help run the craft stations and games.  I set the craft up into 6 stations- similar to Build-A-Bear Workshop.

Station 1 was “Choose Me.”  The girls chose from 5 teddy bear “skins.”  I ordered these from an online company, Bday Bears.  They are great quality and came with everything needed for a bear stuffing extravaganza.

photo 1

Station 2 was “Stuff Me.”  After selecting a teddy bear, the girls sat in a circle in the middle of the living room and stuffed the bears with stuffing fluff.  They could make them as soft and cuddly as they wanted.

photo 2




Station 3 was “Stitch Me.”  This station was set up at the dining table.  The girls found their seat, chose a little heart to wish upon and stuff inside the bear before zipping up the magic zipper on the back of the bear.  Once the zipper is zipped it is locked into place.  No sewing required!  Since Station 3 was at the table it was the perfect transition for lunch.  The girls enjoyed eating a picnic lunch with their Teddy Bears, but as soon as lunch was over they were ready for Station 4.



Station 4 was “Dress Me.”  The girls got a teddy bear sized tee shirt and I gave them fabric markers and felt stickers to create a new shirt for their bear.  This was really cute.  The girls took their time and added lots of detail to the shirts.  This station was a favorite for sure!

photo 3








As the girls finished decorating they went to Station 5, which was “Name Me.”  I created a teddy bear birth certificate in photoshop and my teenage helpers helped the girls type the names and special details of their teddy bears and then printed the certificates for them.



Finally, the bears were placed at Station Six which was called “Take Me.”  I had picnic baskets lined with gingham fabric that we set the bears in to await the trip to their new home.




After the teddy bear making stations, we played games.  I made Pin the Bow Tie on Teddy Bear,  which was a huge hit!  Kids really love these simple games.




I had bought an entire CD of bear themed songs from iTunes and had that playing in the background for the entire party.  We played the tune, “Teddy Bear’s Picnic” for the Pass the Teddy Bear game.  When the music stopped the girl with the bear went to her table spot to get ready for cupcakes.  I bought two copies of the book “Teddy Bear’s Picnic” for the winners of the games- yes I had winners and no one got upset!


After Pass the Teddy it was time for cupcakes!  They sang happy birthday and enjoyed, cupcakes, cookies and Gummy Bears–boy did they enjoy Gummy Bears–those were probably the biggest hit of the day.



I know Morgan really enjoyed her party.  She had a smile from ear to ear the entire time.  I’m so glad I could take her love for her furry friends to the next level.  She truly cherishes her birthday party bear and the five others she made after the party with the extra bear skins and stuffing! LOL!

Happy 6th Birthday to my “beary” sweet and special little girl!

Mommy loves you!




11 thoughts on “A Teddy Bear’s Picnic

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  2. I love your party and designs. Did you create the invitation and printables? I’m planning my daughters first birthday party on a budget. Could I get them?

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