Petting Zoo Birthday Party

IMG_1488We recently celebrated FIVE glorious years with our youngest princess, Molly Kate.  Molly has a real affection for animals so I planned a Petting Zoo Birthday Party for her.  We had Pied Piper, a traveling petting zoo company set up their animals right in our backyard.  We had bunnies, ducks, chickens, a lamb, a goat, a pot belly pig, and a pony for pony rides.


IMG_1480 IMG_1489 IMG_1514 IMG_1515 IMG_8859

IMG_1531 IMG_1519 IMG_1493 IMG_1545 IMG_8866

As the guests arrived they suited up at the “GIT YER GEAR” table.

IMG_1482 IMG_1523 IMG_1526 IMG_1528 IMG_1529 IMG_1535

In addition to the petting zoo and pony rides, I had a face painter come do some animal face painting and I had a couple of craft tables with farm themed crafts from Oriental Trading for the kids to make.

IMG_1496 IMG_1498 IMG_1499 IMG_1500 IMG_1504 IMG_1584 IMG_1599 IMG_1614 IMG_1608 IMG_1617 IMG_8870 IMG_1639


I know how much kids love snacks and treats so I had a table set up in the yard with some farm themed treats.


We had farm animal cake pops from BangPOPShop on Etsy.

IMG_1478Rice Krispie treats make great “Hay Bales,” Oreos were “Tractor Wheels, and Chex Mix was “Chicken Feed.”  I also had “Moo Juice” which was chocolate and white milk that the kids drank from old fashioned milk bottles.  It wouldn’t be a farm stand without fresh produce, so I used pink berry baskets to hold blueberries, strawberries, carrots and grape tomatoes.





I had a “watering hole” with water bottles for the kids and a “watering hole” with beer and wine for the adults.

IMG_1495 IMG_1483

The gorgeous cake was made by the fabulous Daryl of Frosted by Daryl.  The cake was so delicious!  This was the first time ever that we have not had a single piece leftover!


IMG_8877 IMG_1620 IMG_1623 IMG_1625It was such a great party and the kids really enjoyed getting to pet the animals and ride the pony.  They each went home with their own pony on a stick to ride on their own.




It was such a blast celebrating Molly’s 5th birthday.  I absolutely loved how it all came together. Here are a few more pictures and of course, a happy birthday wish for my little animal lover.

I hope you had a wonderful birthday, Molly.  You are such a fun loving and outgoing little girl.  We are so happy to be celebrating your 5th birthday with you.

We love you so so much!



IMG_8858 IMG_1507IMG_1505IMG_1508

IMG_1605 IMG_8875IMG_1601IMG_1602   IMG_1580 IMG_1579IMG_1577IMG_1544IMG_1591IMG_1532IMG_1552IMG_1520

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