Welcome to Partying with the Princesses, my name is Shannon! I am a mom to three princesses-Madison, Morgan and Molly-my inspiration for starting this blog.  I’ve always enjoyed organizing things and creative projects.  My job as a first grade teacher was my main creative outlet.  After having my first child I got into scrapbooking, thanks to some teacher friends of mine who also got into it after having children.  I spent countless hours scrapbooking my first daughter’s 1st, 2nd and 3rd year of life.  My 2nd daughter has two years complete.  As I got busier with the kids, I had less time for scrapbooking and then we added our 3rd daughter to the mix and poor thing has no scrapbook.  I vow to get to it one of these days.  I still feel the need to get creative and feed that desire by planning parties and designing party decor for my kids’ birthday parties.  I’m the crazy mom who stays up all night making party decorations and needs two full days to decorate for a two-hour party.   I know I can be a bit obsessive, but like I said, I NEED some sort of creative outlet and found party styling to be quite fun and the perfect way for me to get creative and make my children happy at the same time. I visit many party blogs and have many favorites, but most of the parties featured on those blogs are either styled for a professional photo shoot or designed by professional party planners who use professional photographers and are able to spend oodles of money on the latest and fanciest party trends.  I don’t have any of those luxuries.  My pictures are far from professional.  I take them myself, usually with an iphone, so they are nowhere near perfect.  On my blog, you will see real parties, with real kids, and small budgets.  I’ll also be sharing some of our family traditions. Thanks for visiting!




5 thoughts on “About

  1. I would love to get in contact with you about your art party. I have a couple of questions, but I can’t find a way to reach you other than a comment here. Please tell me what you used for the iron on transfers from the art party. I can’t seem to find anything like them. Hopefully you’ll see this, thanks!

  2. Hello Shannon,
    I wanted to ask you if you still have the Oliva Cake topper, I would like to have one as well but it’s almost impossible to find any Olivia items anymore. I wanted to see if you’ll sell yours so my little princess can have the same fun party celebration.
    Thank you fro your time and great blog.

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