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About sharing image captionThe court has heard the escort agency websites had names including AdoraBelles and Escortopia An undercover Suffolk trading standards officer posed as a would-be escort to expose a scam, a court has heard. Five defendants on trial at Mobilee Crown Court have denied money-laundering and conspiracy to defraud.

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The trial continues. He rang and wrote to the company more than 50 times. The of depth charges carried increased first to 40, matching that carried by the last two ships of the Grimsby-class, Wife want sex Riviere-Rouge Quebec and later to In order to prepare to use these bases, in early October the British carried out Operation Alacrity, with lowestift convoy being run to Terceira and Faial islands, carrying stores and personnel to allow the use of these bases for Very Long Range VLR maritime patrol aircraft in order to help close the Mid-Atlantic gapwith Lowestoft escory part of the powerful escort for this convoy including an Escort carrier, nine destroyers and three corvettes.

The escort was further reinforced by the destroyers Skate and Scimitar on the next morning, and the two destroyers together with Lowestoft drove off a surface attack by the submarine U Five defendants on trial at Ipswich Crown Court have denied mobile lowestoft escort service and conspiracy to defraud.

Mobile lowestoft escort service

A quadruple Vickers. She had suffered boiler problems on the passage from England, and was under repair from arrival at Hong Kong until May She said it definitely wasn't a scam.

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In Januarythe Group, including Lowestoft, transferred to Gibraltar, escorting convoys between Britain and Gibraltar until the end of the war in Europe. She continued in merchant service until being scrapped in Belgium from 5 August Anti-aircraft armament was mobile lowestoft escort service increased by the addition of a second quadruple. A sixth, Toni Muldoon, who ran the fraud from Spain, has pleaded guilty. The convoy was escorted most of the way across the Atlantic by the armed merchant cruiser Jervis Baywith an escort of destroyers and corvettes to protect the convoy for the dangerous final stages through the Western Approaches.


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In AprilLowestoft exchanged her crew with a fresh crew sent out from the United Kingdom, recommissioning at Singapore before returning to Mobile lowestoft escort service Kong commanded by Commander Sidney Boucher. About sharing image captionThe court has heard the escort agency websites had names including AdoraBelles and Escortopia An undercover Suffolk trading standards officer posed as a would-be escort to expose a zervice, a court has heard.

Four 3-pounder saluting guns and eight machine guns completed the ship's gun armament. Jervis Bay left the convoy on 20 September, before the escort group had rendezvoused with the convoy.

Mobile lowestoft escort service

U spotted the unescorted convoy shortly after Jervis Bay had left, and shadowed the convoy allowing more U-boats to be directed in attacks against the convoy. As the 4.

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All five defendants deny the charges. It formed the biggest investigation ever carried out by Suffolk Trading Standards, the court has heard.

U-boats sank four merchant ships before the escort group, consisting of Lowestoft, the corvettes CalendulaHeartsease and La Malouine and the destroyer Shikari arrived. Lowestoft's duties included patrols along the coast of China and regular port visits.

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Two Grimsby-class sloops had been ordered as part of the year's pattern, and two more would be ordered in both andgiving a total of eight Grimsby-class ships built for the Royal Navy. Earlier, victims of the debt elimination scam said they paid fees on the promise that credit cards would be wiped.

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While the work of repairing Lowestoft was initially ased to Gibraltar Dockyardwork was slowed by shortages of manpower and material at Gibraltar together with the need to prepare for Operation Torchthe upcoming allied invasion of French North Africa, so in November, she transferred to Falmouth for completion of repair and upgrade work, which continued until April This refit lasted until Octoberwhen she returned to Freetown, ing the 57th Escort Group.

Mobile lowestoft escort service stood by at Tientsin during the stand-off, ready to evacuate British residents if the situation further deteriorated.

Mobile lowestoft escort service

Initially she escorted convoys between the Firth of Forth and Moray Firthwhere shipping was vulnerable to attack by German long-range aircraft, [11] before transferring to more general convoy escort duties along the East coast of the United Kingdom and in the Western Approaches. This was the first successful Wolfpack attack of the Second World War.