Hello Kitty Birthday Party


Say HELLO to Little Miss Molly.  She recently turned 3 and we celebrated with a Hello Kitty party.  Molly LOVES Hello Kitty, so when she told me she wanted a Hello Kitty party I was happy to oblige.  Hello Kitty is such an adorable character and I was excited to plan and create this party.

Molly attended preschool this year, so she made some sweet friends.  We invited the nine boys and girls in her class along with her Godparents and their four children and, of course, her sisters.  We sent these adorable invitations from Funtastic Parties on Etsy to her little friends.


I found some rolls of Hello Kitty coloring sheets a while back at Michael’s.  Initially, I bought them to put into party favor bags, but the night before the party I decided to use them as decor.  I unrolled them and taped them to craft board for the backdrop of the dessert table and also covered an entire wall in the entry way with them.


The dessert table was a sweet display of fruit, cookies, brownies, lollipops and milk.  Edible Arrangements had a fruit arrangement in a Hello Kitty vase available so I ordered the fruit from them.  I love how easy it is to serve and no prepping on my part.  Easy peasy!


I got my favorite chocolate covered Oreos by Sweeties by Kim.


Store bought brownies were prettied up with fondant bow toppers from Shop Cupcake Central.


Bow shaped sugar cookies were made by my favorite cookie lady, Carrie Budke of Angel Cakes in Rye, NY.


I found these adorable plastic milk containers on Etsy.  The lid unscrews and it has a hole in the top perfect for paper straws.  One word to the wise…DO NOT place them in the dishwasher.  Mine melted, even on the top rack.  I’m very sad about it, but will order more for sure.  I found the milk bottles and yellow paper straws on Etsy at Cute Kids Food Box.  They have the most adorable party items available.  I’ll be visiting them very often, I’m sure.  To add more Hello Kitty detail, I found a bow image online which I printed and cut out.  I used glue dots to adhere them to the paper straws.


Molly wanted me to be sure to have lollipops (her favorite treat), so I found these Hello Kitty ones at Candied Cakes on Etsy.  They come in many flavors and colors and were yummy!


My friend, Daryl, started a cake business called Frosted by Daryl.  She makes gorgeous and delicious cakes and made this one for Molly’s party.  It was so cute and YUMMY!


I was set to have the party outside in our backyard, however the weather forced us indoors.  I switched gears at the last minute, cleared furniture from my living and dining area and decorated inside.  Here is how the kids’ tables looked in our dining area.


I used fresh flowers as centerpieces, tied Hello Kitty ribbon around the vase, and put a print out of Hello Kitty on a skewer to bring a touch of Hello Kitty to the tables.


As Molly’s guests arrived she took a picture with each of them.  The entryway wall covered in Hello Kitty coloring pages made for the perfect backdrop for photos.  I may use these in the thank you cards.





The kiddos were very excited to see Hello Kitty walk down the stairs.  They enjoyed games and songs with Hello Kitty and the MC.






After songs and games, we sat down for lunch.  I put together little lunch boxes for each kiddo.  I packed strawberry cream cheese sandwiches (I used a bow shaped cookie cutter to cut it), a package of organic apple slices, and a tube of organic strawberry yogurt.  I tied a Hello Kitty ring on the box with baker’s twine.  The kids loved having their own individual lunch kit and prize.  A healthy HAPPY MEAL!


After lunch, it was time to sing happy birthday.  It took Molly three times to blow out her candles.  She was surprisingly shy being the center of attention.




Hello Kitty stuck around after cake to take pictures with Molly and her friends.




After Hello Kitty left and pictures were done, I let the kids have at it with the wall and some crayons.  It ended up being great entertainment while the adults chatted.  I’ll definitely use this idea in the future.

IMG_0098 IMG_0097IMG_0096

I bought TY Beanie Babies for party favors.  Each little girl went home with a plush Hello Kitty.  The boys got Hello Kitty’s friend, Keroppi the Frog.


Molly loves balloons and this one is one of my favorite balloons ever.  This thing was huge!   It was still inflated 4 days after the party.


Molly had a blast at her party and loved celebrating with her friends and Hello Kitty.  

I love you with all my heart sweet girl.  I am happy I could make your 3rd birthday so special.





Olivia The Pig Party

Morgan really loves Olivia the Pig (books by Ian Falconer and Nick Jr. Cartoon) so for her 3rd birthday we decided to throw an Olivia the Pig Party for her and 10 of her closest girlfriends.  I always said I would never do character parties but this is the 2nd year in a row for her…last year was Abby Cadabby.  I like to create the party decor rather than purchase the character supplies at the party store.  I usually choose two or three colors that match the character and go from there.  We went with black, red and white for Olivia the Pig.  The Olivia the Pig V-Day party on HWTM was a huge inspiration for this party.

I love creating a sweets or dessert table, although I’m not sure why I do it…I know the parents of the little guests don’t like all the sweets for their kiddos. I just think they are so beautiful and a great way to add flare to a party.  I am going to have to start thinking of some healthier foods for the next round of parties…I’m afraid people are going to stop coming with all the cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, candy, etc. that are served.

The party was in March and still cold outside.  I have an empty room in my basement (just haven’t gotten around to furnishing yet) so I decided to hold the party in there.  It was a little small but worked out well.  I planned a two hour party with a craft activity, a game and also a bounce house in the back yard.  We also had lunch and cake and desserts.  It was fun, but exhausting entertaining 10 little girls under the age of 5.

Here are the details…

The Party Room

The Cake Table

My favorite local bakery, Cornerstone Caterers, made the cake.

The topper was purchased on Amazon and is actually a bobble head doll.

I made the water bottle labels.  The water bottles were served with lunch.  I think it is always fun for the kids and the birthday girl to have customized water bottles.  It is also a great way to highlight the party theme.  I love the twist top water bottles from Poland Springs.  They are perfect for little kids and spill proof because the actual cap cannot be removed.  I take off the labels and replace with my own using scotch tape…super quick and easy.

I used red lunch bags that I found at Target to pack each guest a little lunch.  This made passing out lunch to each child super easy.  I served macaroni and cheese in individual containers.  I used ziploc containers from the supermarket.  I created a round label which fit perfectly on the top to tie in the theme.  The small red bags were leftover from V-Day treats and I used them to hold chicken nuggets.  Each lunch bag also had a small red apple as well but it didn’t make it into the picture.  The label on the bag said “Dinner with Morgan” after the book, Dinner with Olivia, which I read to the girls just before serving lunch.

I tried to serve treats that also coordinated with the party colors.  I included M&Ms in red, black and white, red strawberries, red heart peeps (from Valentine’s Day), and Red Twizzlers, cupcakes and custom cookies.  I designed the toppers for the cupcakes and the party circles used to dress up the jars I used to hold the treats.

Yummy #3 Cookies from Andrea’s Goodies on Etsy.

I made this feather boa wreath which I hung above the dessert table.  I used this tutorial on Heavenly Blooms to make the wreath.  It was super easy…but not super inexpensive.

This cluster of honeycomb balls and daisys hung on one wall in the party room.  I used party circles on the centers of the daisys.

I had a large Olivia the Pig in the corner of the room to serve double duty as a photo prop and for Pin the Bows on Olivia.  I bought the Olivia Giant Wall Decals from Birthday Express and put the large one on a large cardboard box.  I then cut around the decal with an exacto knife.  It worked out great and the kids loved posing with it.

I decorated the TV we have mounted in the room to resemble a theater and had Olivia playing throughout the party. 

I made party hats using heavy scrapbook paper and ribbon. I embellished the birthday girl’s party hat with red feather boa.

I set up a table in our living room as well and the kids colored Olivia coloring sheets that I printed off of the Nick Jr. Website as we waited for everyone to arrive.

Once everyone arrived, I read the book, Olivia by Ian Falconer, to the group. 

There is a part in the book where Olivia paints Picasso style on the wall using black and red paint.  For the craft, I bought a small canvas for each guest and gave them 5 minutes to paint Picasso style as Oliva did.  It was a very messy craft!

While a cleaned up the craft the kids went outside to jump in the bounce house and play for a bit.  Then it was back inside for Pin the Bows on Olivia.  I attached double stick craft dots to small red ribbons and let the kids try to pin the bows on Olivia’s ears.

After the game, I read another book Dinner With Olivia, before serving lunch with Morgan.

After lunch it was time for cake.  We sung Happy Birthday to the birthday girl!

When the party was over, each guest went home with an Olivia Activity Book and a Crayon Roll made using Olivia Fabric.  I got them custom made from My Kids Boutique on Etsy.  I placed both in a large celophane and tied it up with ribbon and a black and white swirl Lollipop.

The party was a success and Morgan had a blast.  She still talks about her Olivia party almost daily and it has been 4 months.




P.S. Morgan’s Outfit was a Custom Pillow Case Dress with fabric featuring images from vintage Olivia books.  It was made by Wonderfully Made on Etsy.  I paired it with black crop leggings and red Converse sneakers.  Super cute!