Cupcakes and Ice Skates

As part of the Newcomers and Neighbor’s club January kid’s event I coordinated an Ice Skate party at Playland Ice Casino in Rye, NY.  I wanted a catchy theme so decided Cupcakes and Ice Skates would be fun and I went with it.  Again, this is a party on a budget so nothing fancy.  Most of the money we had went toward renting out the rink so we had to get creative in other ways to make it a nice event.  I created the printables for this party with the Cupcakes and Ice Skates theme in mind.  I decided on a blue and pink color scheme since the event was for girls and boys.  The colors looked great together!  The other two committee members and I each baked a box of cupcakes for the event.  I brought in the cupcake stands and tried to make it all look nice and presentable rather than throwing some cupcake tins on a table and calling it a party.

Here are some pictures I took of the event.

The cupcakes I decorated with the cupcake toppers I designed to coordinate with the event.

The table display- I made the banner and also the centerpiece which were large party circles on a lollipop stick.  I placed them in a glass vase that I lined with a piece a coordinating scrapbook paper.  It really helps to anchor the table.

Here is my Madison ice skating in her boots…she was scared of the skates!

Madison taking a break to enjoy a cupcake!

Molly and I were even on skates!


Pinkalicious Valentine’s Day Party

I love having a blog now so I can post all of the parties I’ve done in the past.  Today I am going to post the PINKALICIOUS Valentine’s Party I threw for Valentine’s Day 2010.  My girls loved the Pinkalicious books and I thought that V-Day would be a perfect way to incorporate the character and the book.  We had a small party in our tiny condo.  I let each daughter invite 3 friends.  The kids had a blast!  Here are some of the details.

A scrapbook paper banner hanging in the window…heart lollipop centerpieces…cupcake apron chair covers…

We served pink lemonade in these pink sugar coated cups with YUM stir sticks courtesy of  Style Circle and heart shaped ice cubes.

I served tons of sweets at this party.  This was around the time I started seeing “sweets” tables popping up everywhere.  While I think they are beautiful, I don’t think the parents of the little ones appreciate the creativity when it comes to their kids and sweets.  I did try to incorporate fruit and also served Strawberry Cream Cheese sandwiches…in heart shapes of course.  A pink feather boa and pink lanterns hung above the food table.


Strawberry cupcakes with strawberry icing and cute Pinkalicious cupcake toppers was the centerpiece of the dessert table.

I had a last minute menu change and forgot to switch the sign for these.  These are Hostess Brand strawberry mini cakes that I put on a lollipop stick and topped with a red m&m….cute for last minute huh?  I’m talking 5 min. before guests arrived last minute.

Pink chocolate coated popcorn served in cones that sat on a bed of pink m&m’s.  Wish I had more time to dress up the cones a little, but time ran short.  They were still a hit!

I made heart shaped rice krispie treats that I tinted pink with red food coloring.

I dipped pretzel rods into white chocolate and pink candy sprinkles.  YUM!

Pink marshmallows dipped in white chocolate and pink sugar.

I included an assortment of red fruits for the kiddos along with PB and Raspberry J and Strawberry Cream Cheese Sandwiches.

All of the guests wen home with pink bubble bath along with the aprons and heart lollipops.

Activities for the party included Guess How Many jellybeans in the jar, coloring Pinklicious coloring sheets, a read-aloud of the book, hershey kiss hunt and find, and decorating PINK cupcakes with sprinkles and candies.

This was a fun party to host.  I LOVE Valentine’s Day!

Little Cupcake Theme Party

I wasn’t going to have a party for my daughter, Morgan’s 1st birthday.  Since her birthday is in March and it is still cold in NY I couldn’t have it at a park or playground and the condo I was living in was too small to host a birthday party so I was going to skip it all together…I mean she is one and won’t remember and she is my 2nd child so it wasn’t my first year to celebrate parenthood.  I was okay with my decision until 2 weeks before her birthday and then I started feeling really, really guilty about not planning anything for her. 

I woke up in the middle of the night sort of panicked and guilt ridden and just started planning a party.  I needed something in a hurry since her birthday was in two short weeks.  I found a theme on Birthday Express that I thought was cute and for the next two weeks I became obsessed with all things CUPCAKE!  I designed the invitiation, researched a place to hold the party and had everything in place before dawn.

I called the venue, Little Scoops, first thing the next morning and secured the date and I was set!  I mailed out the invitations by the afternoon.

I’m documenting some of the party ideas below but this party took place two years ago, before I was party obsessed, so I didn’t get great pictures of every little detail (who knew that was important!  LOL!) and it was before I was into making my own decorations.  I did however love a gorgeous cake!

The cake was beautifully done with a cupcake on top and mini cupcakes around the base by Corner Stone Caterers, my local bakery.

Little Scoops had party coordinators that ran the activities so I didn’t have to do much in that area.  One of the activites I brought in was Pin the Candle on the Cupcake . The owner ended up buying it from me after the party…she loved it so much!

I don’t have a great picture but you can see the aprons and cupcake boxes in this picture.  The kids decorated yummy cupcakes from Crumbs Bake Shop (a local gourmet cupcake company) and put them in Wilton Snappy Stripe Cupcake Boxes to take home.  I loved that I found boxes to coordinate with the colors of the party- Purple and Pink! I designed a round sticker that said “Thanks for coming to my party!” for the top of the boxes.  I bought plain white aprons for each guest and painted their names on them.  I also ironed on some cupcake appliques.  They wore the aprons while decorating and took those home as well.

And here is the cutie patootie birthday girl with mommy and daddy.  I bought her a dress with cupcakes smocked on it to wear to the party. 

Here she is eating her first cupcake.

Morgan is three now!  I can’t believe how big she has gotten.  She is still my little CUPCAKE and I’ll never forget her 1st birthday!  Mommy loves you, Morgan Paige!  XOXO!