Halloween Party on a Budget

I am on the Children’s Events Committee for the Newcomers and Neighbors Club in my town.  Each month I am responsible for planning a party to entertain the children.  The budget for the events is rather slim so everything has to be done on the cheap.  I love to plan and decorate and it was my goal to make these “cheap” parties look “not cheap”. 

This is what I did with the Halloween Party last October. 

We served individual bags of pretzels and water…I told you it was cheap!  I whipped up water bottle labels, a banner and some signs to add to the decor.  I brought in some decorations from home to incorporate in to the party. 

I had pumpkins donated from a local orchard and set up a mock pumpkin patch for the kids to choose a pumpkin. 

They then decorated the pumpkin with craft supplies from Oriental Trading

The kids wore costumes to make the event even more festive.  This was a fun one to plan.  It was very challenging to plan a party on a shoestring budget.