Lemonade and Lollipops

My sweet, sweet Molly just turned 2, and her lemonade and lollipops birthday party was this past weekend.  I had so much fun designing and planning the decor.  Everything turned out really sweet and I think everyone had a great time!

A few weeks before the party I asked Molly what kind of party she wanted and she said, “Lollipops!”  Since Madison had a Candy theme party a few years ago and I didn’t want a rerun, I pressed her further.  “What else do you like?”  I asked her.  She said, “Lemonade!” And that is how the theme was born.  I combined lollipops and lemonade and ran with it.  I chose pink and yellow as the colors since those are the colors I think of when I think of lemonade.

We chose the same location as her Strawberry 1st Birthday Party…Aunt Bonnie’s pool.  I started with these invitations I found from Hello Love Boutique on Etsy.

They were super cute and fit the theme perfectly.

After the invites were ordered and mailed, I went on Pinterest for a little inspiration and put a little board together with everything lemonade and lollipop that I could find.  I also spent one day running around to Party City, Michael’s, and Target looking for all the cute little pink and yellow details I could find.

I found these great hanging fans at Party City and bought large and small ones in pink and yellow. 

Instead of hanging them, I cut off the tops and hot glued them to a craft board.  It made the perfect backdrop for the dessert table.

I opted for small for this year’s dessert table.  I’ve found that people are shying away from sweets for themselves and their kids, so a table full of sweets isn’t as big of a hit as many party blogs make them seem.  Colorful desserts are beautiful and look great on a table, but what good are they if no one is eating them?

I found some lemon shaped lollipops at Party City which worked perfectly in a tall vase since the sticks on them are extra long.  I went back to my childhood when I spotted Lemonheads at Michael’s.  How perfect for this theme! 

I used sweet little pink frames from the baby shower department at Michael’s and embellished them with lemon scrapbooking stickers and used them to label the food and drinks.

I ordered some really cute mini lemon shaped cookies from Sweet Art Sweets on Etsy too.  I only ordered two dozen, but should have ordered many more.  They were delicious and went so quickly.  The perfect size cookie for little ones though.

I chose a lemon curd filling for the cake from our favorite bakery…Cornerstone Caterers in Rye, NY.  While picking up the cake I spotted lemon bars in the dessert case and figured it was meant to be and picked up some of those too.  Now I had the makings for a perfectly small and lemony dessert table.  How cute is the “Keep Calm and Drink Lemonade” print!

I think the folks at Cornerstone were a little in shock when I ordered a plain white (on the outside) cake.  They are normally in for a little more time-consuming arts and crafts projects with my cakes, but I had other plans this year.  I’ve been eyeing those pennant banner cake toppers flying around Pinterest and blog world and decided that would be the perfect topper for a lemonade party since it reminded me of a lemonade stand.  I constructed mine using pink and yellow patterned scrapbook paper, some pink baker’s twine and two striped paper straws.  Super easy and super cute!  Cornerstone gave me their signature  “Happy Birthday” fondant banner that I just leaned against the straws. I like that the cake is a little plain so the emphasis is on the cute little topper.  It literally took no more than 5 minutes to whip up this adorable topper.

For favors, I found a cute idea on Pinterest that linked to this site with a free printable for a “make your own” lemonade stand bucket. 

I thought it was adorable and the perfect favors for a lemonade party.  I found small Mason jars at Michael’s and filled them with some store-bought lemonade mix.  I also found the buckets at Michael’s and spent a few extra minutes switching out the shovels on the yellow buckets with pink ones…it’s all gotta match, right? I got some pink letter stickers while I was there to spell out “Lemonade 25c” on the buckets.  In each bucket I placed ten pink cups, napkins, and fancy paper straws.  I also rolled up a sheet of paper, tied it with ribbon and tucked in a pink and a green crayon so the kids could make a sign for their lemonade stand.  Here’s a good to know tip…you can order a box of crayons on Crayolastore.com and customize it with any colors you choose.  I was able to order a pack with just pink and green crayons.  The lemonade kits turned out super cute.  I embellished the jars with some ribbon and wrapped them in scrapbook paper with a lemon on the front.   The kids were super excited to get them.  They couldn’t wait to get home and set up a lemonade stand of their own!

What lemonade party would be complete without a lemonade stand?  Now we don’t own a lemonade stand, but I figured I’d try my hand at making one.  Now I don’t know how to use saws and power tools, so the lemonade stand I would make would have to be super-duper easy and could not require sawing and painting or anything super time-consuming.  While at CVS one day I spied a white wooden table that could roll up and fit into a bag.  I thought it was really neat but didn’t know when I would use it so I walked on.  A few weeks later and two nights before the birthday party I was back at CVS buying that table.  How perfect for a lemonade stand!  Next stop was Home Depot where I picked up a long white piece of wood and had a Home Depot employee saw it in half for me.  I picked up a few cable ties and two screws that had a ring on the top and crossed my fingers that I could pull off a lemonade stand.  Well it worked!  I attached the two pieces of wood on either side of the table and secured them to the table legs with cable ties.  The hubs twisted the screws into the tops of the wood.  I draped a banner across the top, tying the ends on the circular screws and called it a lemonade stand! 

My 6-year-old made a sign for the front and we put a big beverage dispenser of lemonade so the kiddies could help themselves!  I also had plenty of Honest Kids pink lemonade juice boxes on hand. 

Here’s Madison at the lemonade stand.  This was her favorite part of the party.  She really wanted to collect money for the lemonade!

We grilled steaks, chicken, vegetables, and had a yummy pasta salad for the adults.  I made these cute trays for the kiddos with a rainbow of fruit and veges.  Another Pinterest find!  Mac and Cheese and chicken nuggets rounded out the kiddie menu.

The adult beverages consisted of Skinny Girl Margarita, Sangria, and a yummy vodka lemonade with crushed mint leaves.  I used self-service beverage dispensers which made it nice and easy to serve the drinks.

Everyone had a great time swimming and running around.  It was a perfectly sunny day in May and the perfect way to spend Memorial Day Weekend and Molly’s 2nd birthday.

Happy 2nd birthday my “always sweet and never sour” 😉 baby girl.  Mommy loves you very much.  I hope you enjoyed your party.



And a few more pics…

I forgot to mention….I whipped up her party hat with left over scrapbook paper and boa trim from Morgan’s Care Bear Party and added a pink chipboard M!  She decided she didn’t want to wear it anymore and tore the M right off. Good thing the party was over!

Thanks for checking us out!


Sweet Shoppe Party

Today I’d like to share my daughter Madison’s 4th birthday party.  The theme we chose was a Sweet Shoppe theme.  I decided on this theme shortly after her 3rd birthday Ice Cream Shoppe party.  I had read an article in People Magazine that featured Trista Sutter’s (The Bachelorette) little boy Max’s 1st birthday party.  They did a CandyLand theme party and it was absolutely adorable.  I loved all of the ideas and just knew I had to incorporate them into Madison’s next party.  She loved candy so it didn’t take much convincing.  I found the site Hostess with the Mostess who helped plan little Max’s CandyLand party.  There was so much eye candy on there, I fell in love with the whole blog and was hooked.  Hostess with the Mostess led me from one blog to another and I saw so many beautiful Candy themed parties.  I didn’t realize it was such a popular theme!  I ended up coming across a blog called The TomKat Studio whose owner Kim had featured a cute little Lollipop Party for her daughter and to top it off, she was selling the items she created for that party on Etsy.  I am pretty handy on the computer but was running out of time so I ordered Kim’s Lollipop Party Package and it was so adorable.  The package I bought was a printable PDF file that included a banner, cupcake toppers, party circles, signs and the oh so cute invitation.  I was able to print everything at home and assemble it myself- the best part because I love crafty projects.  The party was a huge hit and the birthday girl had a fabulous time.  I’m going to try to give as much detail and credit as I can remember for the ideas I used.  The party was last June and I looked at so many blogs by crafty mommy’s who also used this theme and I tried to incorporate lots of those ideas, as well as my own into this party.  I had so much fun planning this one….  First up…the invitations.  Thanks Kim!  These were adorable. 

I made this photo booth using a large box that I wrapped in bright pink wrapping paper. I cut a circle for the kids to poke their face through, and made it look like a lollipop. The kids loved it! The back was open so the kids could go inside of it.  Something fun and different.

This is the cake table.  I made the banner hanging above…my first one ever!  I liked that the table was in the corner because we could stand behind it when blowing out the candles without it being in the way during the party.  The cake was from a local bakery (Corner Stone Caterers).  I made the cupcakes and used Kim’s party circles for toppers.  Super cute!  I also stuck a Dum Dum in some and used knotted twizzlers on a few.  The plates held the yummy cookies from The Fancy Lady Gourmet on Etsy.  Draping on the front of the table was colored lanterns that I found at CVS.  You could plug them in and they light up, but I didn’t do that.  I taped a lollipop stick to each of them to make them look like colorful lollipops.  This was a last minute up to 2 AM the night before add- thanks to my cousin Tanya for the idea..turned out super cute! 

I had a separate table for the “Sweet Shoppe.”

I set up the “Sweet Shoppe” table in my dining room using my dining room table.  The banner was recycled from my middle daughter’s 2nd birthday party which was Abby Cadabby themed.  I just changed out the picture of Abby and put on one of Kim’s sweet shoppe party circles in its place.  Love that I could use that banner again!  The colors were perfect.  The idea behind the Sweet Shoppe table was that the kids would get to visit it and fill up a bag with some candy to take home.  I tied up each bag with a toothbrush and as I handed it to the kids, I said:

  “Thank you for being sweet, but don’t forget to brush you teeth!” 

The table also included sweet Granny Smith apples which more than one child chose to put into their treat bag.  The parents were thankful I included healthy options on the table.  I made the cones from scrapbook paper and attached one of Kim’s party circles to the front. I filled the cones with cotton candy and caramel popcorn.  Other goodies on the table included lollipops, rock candy, m&ms, tropical twizzlers and gummy lifesavers.  All of the candy were in colors that coordinated with the party colors- bright pink, bright green and turquoise.  The letters on the table spelled out SWEETS.  They are large foam glittery letters that I found at Michael’s.  The candies hanging above the table are actually party lanterns that I covered in cellophane and tied the ends to look like wrapped candy.  Got the idea from for those from this fabulous candy party.



As the guests arrived to the party, they walked on the lollipop lined path.  Those lollipops were super easy to make.  I stuck a long lollipop stick into styrofoam disks (found at Michaels) that I wrapped with colored tissue paper.  Then I covered the disks with celophane wrap and gathered and tied with a ribbon around the lollipop stick. I saw these here and thought they were adorable.    

The welcome sign on the door greeted the guests as they came in.  Another cute idea from Kim!

As each guest arrived I tried to get a picture of them in the photo booth and then I had them guess how many jellybeans were in the jar. I found this site for games and they had free printables for some of the games and signs.  I used their sign for this game and for the signs on the photo booth as well. 

The majority of the party was held outside, so after the kids guessed how many jelly beans were in the jar they headed out to the backyard to make candy necklaces while waiting for the other guests arrived. 

Here is Madison making her candy necklace. 

The kids’ tables were set up outside.  I made the centerpieces using sandpails and large Whirly Pops.  I found these white tablecloths with colorful circles that reminded me of lollies at Target. I used them as a table runner over a turquoise tablecloth.  The clear cups in the picture held the candies and elastic for the candy necklaces. 

I decorated the fence with Kim’s printable happy birthday banner and more candy lanterns adorned the shrubs.

I attached empty wrapping paper tubes to these lanterns to resemble Dum Dums and stood them on either side of the steps leading up to the deck.

I didn’t hire entertainment for the party, so I was the one running the show.  Besides candy necklaces, the activities I planned were Pin the Stick on the Lollipop, Ring the Lollipop, Candy Shoppe Bingo and a pinata. 

 I made the Pin the Stick on the Lollipop Game. I glued a lollipop cutout onto a piece of green felt. I attached velcro to the lollipop sticks so they would stick on the felt when the kids tried to stick them on.

For the Ring the Lollipop game, I used the printables from here. I set them up in the back yard.  

I found a round pinata at Party City and attached a deflated mylar balloon to it.  I made it resemble a lollipop by attaching a wooden dowel.
 I made the cards for Sweet Shoppe Bingo and had them laminated.  The kids used Skittles to cover the space. I also made a set of calling cards to go with this.
After playing the games, I served a light lunch of peanut butter and jelly pinwheel sandwiches and fruit lollipops.  Thanks to Glory from Glorious Treats for the idea.  You can see her candy party here.
 After lunch, the kids visited the Sweet Shoppe and chose candy for their treat bags.  They each went home with a bag of sweets and the classic game Candy Land. 

The birthday girl wore an adorable candy custom set by Etsy seller Smockinglisa708.  Super cute!


I hope you had a wonderful 4th birthday my SWEET Madison Grace.  Mommy loves you!  XOXO!