Sweet Shoppe Party

Today I’d like to share my daughter Madison’s 4th birthday party.  The theme we chose was a Sweet Shoppe theme.  I decided on this theme shortly after her 3rd birthday Ice Cream Shoppe party.  I had read an article in People Magazine that featured Trista Sutter’s (The Bachelorette) little boy Max’s 1st birthday party.  They did a CandyLand theme party and it was absolutely adorable.  I loved all of the ideas and just knew I had to incorporate them into Madison’s next party.  She loved candy so it didn’t take much convincing.  I found the site Hostess with the Mostess who helped plan little Max’s CandyLand party.  There was so much eye candy on there, I fell in love with the whole blog and was hooked.  Hostess with the Mostess led me from one blog to another and I saw so many beautiful Candy themed parties.  I didn’t realize it was such a popular theme!  I ended up coming across a blog called The TomKat Studio whose owner Kim had featured a cute little Lollipop Party for her daughter and to top it off, she was selling the items she created for that party on Etsy.  I am pretty handy on the computer but was running out of time so I ordered Kim’s Lollipop Party Package and it was so adorable.  The package I bought was a printable PDF file that included a banner, cupcake toppers, party circles, signs and the oh so cute invitation.  I was able to print everything at home and assemble it myself- the best part because I love crafty projects.  The party was a huge hit and the birthday girl had a fabulous time.  I’m going to try to give as much detail and credit as I can remember for the ideas I used.  The party was last June and I looked at so many blogs by crafty mommy’s who also used this theme and I tried to incorporate lots of those ideas, as well as my own into this party.  I had so much fun planning this one….  First up…the invitations.  Thanks Kim!  These were adorable. 

I made this photo booth using a large box that I wrapped in bright pink wrapping paper. I cut a circle for the kids to poke their face through, and made it look like a lollipop. The kids loved it! The back was open so the kids could go inside of it.  Something fun and different.

This is the cake table.  I made the banner hanging above…my first one ever!  I liked that the table was in the corner because we could stand behind it when blowing out the candles without it being in the way during the party.  The cake was from a local bakery (Corner Stone Caterers).  I made the cupcakes and used Kim’s party circles for toppers.  Super cute!  I also stuck a Dum Dum in some and used knotted twizzlers on a few.  The plates held the yummy cookies from The Fancy Lady Gourmet on Etsy.  Draping on the front of the table was colored lanterns that I found at CVS.  You could plug them in and they light up, but I didn’t do that.  I taped a lollipop stick to each of them to make them look like colorful lollipops.  This was a last minute up to 2 AM the night before add- thanks to my cousin Tanya for the idea..turned out super cute! 

I had a separate table for the “Sweet Shoppe.”

I set up the “Sweet Shoppe” table in my dining room using my dining room table.  The banner was recycled from my middle daughter’s 2nd birthday party which was Abby Cadabby themed.  I just changed out the picture of Abby and put on one of Kim’s sweet shoppe party circles in its place.  Love that I could use that banner again!  The colors were perfect.  The idea behind the Sweet Shoppe table was that the kids would get to visit it and fill up a bag with some candy to take home.  I tied up each bag with a toothbrush and as I handed it to the kids, I said:

  “Thank you for being sweet, but don’t forget to brush you teeth!” 

The table also included sweet Granny Smith apples which more than one child chose to put into their treat bag.  The parents were thankful I included healthy options on the table.  I made the cones from scrapbook paper and attached one of Kim’s party circles to the front. I filled the cones with cotton candy and caramel popcorn.  Other goodies on the table included lollipops, rock candy, m&ms, tropical twizzlers and gummy lifesavers.  All of the candy were in colors that coordinated with the party colors- bright pink, bright green and turquoise.  The letters on the table spelled out SWEETS.  They are large foam glittery letters that I found at Michael’s.  The candies hanging above the table are actually party lanterns that I covered in cellophane and tied the ends to look like wrapped candy.  Got the idea from for those from this fabulous candy party.



As the guests arrived to the party, they walked on the lollipop lined path.  Those lollipops were super easy to make.  I stuck a long lollipop stick into styrofoam disks (found at Michaels) that I wrapped with colored tissue paper.  Then I covered the disks with celophane wrap and gathered and tied with a ribbon around the lollipop stick. I saw these here and thought they were adorable.    

The welcome sign on the door greeted the guests as they came in.  Another cute idea from Kim!

As each guest arrived I tried to get a picture of them in the photo booth and then I had them guess how many jellybeans were in the jar. I found this site for games and they had free printables for some of the games and signs.  I used their sign for this game and for the signs on the photo booth as well. 

The majority of the party was held outside, so after the kids guessed how many jelly beans were in the jar they headed out to the backyard to make candy necklaces while waiting for the other guests arrived. 

Here is Madison making her candy necklace. 

The kids’ tables were set up outside.  I made the centerpieces using sandpails and large Whirly Pops.  I found these white tablecloths with colorful circles that reminded me of lollies at Target. I used them as a table runner over a turquoise tablecloth.  The clear cups in the picture held the candies and elastic for the candy necklaces. 

I decorated the fence with Kim’s printable happy birthday banner and more candy lanterns adorned the shrubs.

I attached empty wrapping paper tubes to these lanterns to resemble Dum Dums and stood them on either side of the steps leading up to the deck.

I didn’t hire entertainment for the party, so I was the one running the show.  Besides candy necklaces, the activities I planned were Pin the Stick on the Lollipop, Ring the Lollipop, Candy Shoppe Bingo and a pinata. 

 I made the Pin the Stick on the Lollipop Game. I glued a lollipop cutout onto a piece of green felt. I attached velcro to the lollipop sticks so they would stick on the felt when the kids tried to stick them on.

For the Ring the Lollipop game, I used the printables from here. I set them up in the back yard.  

I found a round pinata at Party City and attached a deflated mylar balloon to it.  I made it resemble a lollipop by attaching a wooden dowel.
 I made the cards for Sweet Shoppe Bingo and had them laminated.  The kids used Skittles to cover the space. I also made a set of calling cards to go with this.
After playing the games, I served a light lunch of peanut butter and jelly pinwheel sandwiches and fruit lollipops.  Thanks to Glory from Glorious Treats for the idea.  You can see her candy party here.
 After lunch, the kids visited the Sweet Shoppe and chose candy for their treat bags.  They each went home with a bag of sweets and the classic game Candy Land. 

The birthday girl wore an adorable candy custom set by Etsy seller Smockinglisa708.  Super cute!


I hope you had a wonderful 4th birthday my SWEET Madison Grace.  Mommy loves you!  XOXO!

Ice Cream Shoppe Party

This next party that I am posting is actually the first one I did that I went all out on.  This was my daugther, Madison’s 3rd Birthday Party held in June 2009.  I hadn’t started reading the party blogs yet so my inspiration for this theme came from an article I found in Parent’s Magazine in 2006…the year Madison was born.  I saved the article for three years just waiting for the opportunity to throw an ice cream party of my own. Now that I read party blogs and am so much more into party planning than I was back then, I realize how ameteur this party actually is.  It is a “real” party though.

I started planning with the colors and decided to go with pink, brown and white (Neapolitan ice cream colors) and mint green.

The invitation was from Tiny Prints.

Madison wore this dressed that I  picked up at Gymboree in 2007 in anticipation of throwing an Ice Cream Party someday.


I didn’t do nearly as much decorating as I would have liked. I got as much up and out as I could before the party started. Here is a picture of one of the balloon bouquets. I found the big ice cream cone mylar balloons on ebay. Also a picture of the pavilion before too many people arrived. I have since learned to allow myself at least five hours to set up and drive around picking up balloons, food, cake etc. It was very hectic getting everything ready in time for this party since I only allowed two hours to get the park set up and myself dressed. A HUGE thank you to my wonderful husband who fought with getting the balloons untangled and keeping the cake from melting by running the AC in the car for an hour and also to my best friend Brigitte who helped with the set up.

I had the banner made at Party City. It was hung at the entrance to the pavilion.


The table decorations were made using a clear bucket that I found at Michaels. I cut pastel colored scrapbook paper to fit inside the buckets and stuffed them with tissue paper. I covered a bundle of lollipops with pink napkins to resemble a scoop of ice cream and I glued a red pom pom on top for a cherry. I placed these on top of sugar cones and put several of them inside of the buckets. Guests took them home after the party. I also attached pictures of ice cream cones to white boxes filled with Baskin Robbins ice cream flavored candies and Marshmallow candy sticks.


I also made these rice krispie treats and formed them into a fudgesicle shape and added a popsicle stick. I ran out of time to dip them in chocolate as I had planned. The kids loved them anyway!

I love to scrapbook so I created this picture frame mat out of scrapbook paper and embellished with stickers that fit the theme and a picture of the birthday girl. The mat was displayed on a table for guests to sign. It is now hanging in the kids’ ice cream themed bathroom! Perfect decoration.


At the party I set up an ice cream bar. I bought some fabric in pastel prints and colors from a local fabric store and made a banner by cutting half circles from the fabric and I hot glued them to a piece of ribbon. The banner served as a back drop for the ice cream bar. I also found pink and white striped fabric which I draped over the plastic table cloth to dress it up a little. I had four metal tins to hold the ice cream containers. I put a little ice inside each to keep it cold. On each tin was an image of the ice cream flavor inside. I had a bunch of toppings available including M&Ms, Gummy Bears, Rainbow Sprinkles, Chocolate Chips, Crushed Oreos, Cherries, Chocolate Sauce and Caramel Sauce. Here is a picture of the ice cream bar and a close up of the tins.

I dipped ice cream cones in melted chocolate and put colored sugar on them for the sundaes. Pink, Green, White and Brown bowls and spoons were also available as well.


I found the cups holding the toppings at Kmart. I used the pink and the clear ones.

I found cute spoons at Target that have little ice cream handles. They are adorable! We used them to spoon out the toppings.

And I found a special cup for the Birthday Girl at Kmart as well.

I found paper products that coordinated nicely with the colors and theme from Zurchers.

I had cupcakes made at my local bakery (Cornerstone Caterers). They were a HUGE hit! They are cupcakes baked inside ice cream cones and topped with icing to look like actual ice cream. They did an amazing job on those!

Cornerstone also made her cake. I did my best to explain to them what I wanted and I think they did a fabulous job turning my vision into reality!


After singing happy birthday and enjoying cake we were off to make ice cream sundaes.




I hired a local children’s entertainer, Ellen Watermelon, to entertain the kids for the first 40 min. of the party. She was wonderful and even customized her show to fit our Ice Cream Theme. How sweet!


I found an Ice Cream Cone Pinata at Party City.

I made a Pin the Cherry on the Ice Cream game. I attached fabric to a wooden dowel and made an ice cream cone from felt. I glued it to the fabric. I attached velcro to large red pom poms to use as cherries. The one who came closest to placing the cherry on top of the cone won an ice cream play set.


Since most of the kids were three and under I set up different stations for them to occupy themselves. One of them was a coloring station that included ice cream themed coloring sheets and these super cute crayons I found on Etsy.


I also had an ice cream parlor play set from Melissa and Doug and put that out for the kids to play with.


The party favors were placed in celophane bags and I made the topper for those that said “Thank you for coming to Madison’s Party.” Each bag included an ice cream bowl and spoon from Oriental Trading, an ice cream ball popper, an ice cream cone Krazy Straw, an ice cream cone bubble necklace and ice cream sundae stickers.

All in all it was a great party. This was the first one that I really went all out on. Now that I know a bit more about creating printables and things for parties and of course the infamous sweets tables, I would do things much differently.  I may have to reuse this theme in the future so I can go all out.

I hope you enjoyed your third birthday my SWEET Madison.  Mommy loves you! XOXO

Little Cupcake Theme Party

I wasn’t going to have a party for my daughter, Morgan’s 1st birthday.  Since her birthday is in March and it is still cold in NY I couldn’t have it at a park or playground and the condo I was living in was too small to host a birthday party so I was going to skip it all together…I mean she is one and won’t remember and she is my 2nd child so it wasn’t my first year to celebrate parenthood.  I was okay with my decision until 2 weeks before her birthday and then I started feeling really, really guilty about not planning anything for her. 

I woke up in the middle of the night sort of panicked and guilt ridden and just started planning a party.  I needed something in a hurry since her birthday was in two short weeks.  I found a theme on Birthday Express that I thought was cute and for the next two weeks I became obsessed with all things CUPCAKE!  I designed the invitiation, researched a place to hold the party and had everything in place before dawn.

I called the venue, Little Scoops, first thing the next morning and secured the date and I was set!  I mailed out the invitations by the afternoon.

I’m documenting some of the party ideas below but this party took place two years ago, before I was party obsessed, so I didn’t get great pictures of every little detail (who knew that was important!  LOL!) and it was before I was into making my own decorations.  I did however love a gorgeous cake!

The cake was beautifully done with a cupcake on top and mini cupcakes around the base by Corner Stone Caterers, my local bakery.

Little Scoops had party coordinators that ran the activities so I didn’t have to do much in that area.  One of the activites I brought in was Pin the Candle on the Cupcake . The owner ended up buying it from me after the party…she loved it so much!

I don’t have a great picture but you can see the aprons and cupcake boxes in this picture.  The kids decorated yummy cupcakes from Crumbs Bake Shop (a local gourmet cupcake company) and put them in Wilton Snappy Stripe Cupcake Boxes to take home.  I loved that I found boxes to coordinate with the colors of the party- Purple and Pink! I designed a round sticker that said “Thanks for coming to my party!” for the top of the boxes.  I bought plain white aprons for each guest and painted their names on them.  I also ironed on some cupcake appliques.  They wore the aprons while decorating and took those home as well.

And here is the cutie patootie birthday girl with mommy and daddy.  I bought her a dress with cupcakes smocked on it to wear to the party. 

Here she is eating her first cupcake.

Morgan is three now!  I can’t believe how big she has gotten.  She is still my little CUPCAKE and I’ll never forget her 1st birthday!  Mommy loves you, Morgan Paige!  XOXO!